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Win in Your Life

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Win in Your Life

Follow the Path of Champions | Learn from the Villanova Wildcats

By Michael London

“This is a book about winning in every aspect of your life!”

Author Michael London was inspired by the Villanova Wildcats extraordinary victory in the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. As an avid fan, London noticed that most news commentaries focused on the game-changing, final 4.7 seconds. Looking past these sensational headlines, he knew that the rest of the story was even more astounding.

Win in Your Life illustrates how a specific set of core values are exemplified in the lives of successful athletes and leaders throughout history. Each value is brought to life by inspiring stories of those who have lived them out—from St. Augustine to Martin Luther King Jr. to Abraham Lincoln to Villanova players and coaches.

In this book, you will discover nuggets of truth that have the power to transform your life. Win in Your Life illuminates universal winning principles used by champions. Learn the “Sweet Sixteen” principles to move past large and small setbacks, transform your attitude, and propel you to success.

Successful entrepreneur, publisher, community servant, and past trainer of the Saturn Culture & Management program, Michael London has authored a book that is part love song to the “Villanova Way” and part homage to the “wisdom of the ages.”

Discover how you can use the “Sweet Sixteen Principles of Champions” to Win in Your Life.

«    Featuring the “Sweet Sixteen” principles to win in everything you do.

«    Will make a positive transformation in your life just by using the first principle.

«    Wisdom of the ages revealed in an exciting way.

«    Based on the strategies of the most winning program of its kind in the last three years.

«    Highlights one of the greatest moment in sports – ever!

«    Reveals how a values-based life can lead to personal success.

«    Provides a proven path to be a champion in your own life.

Reader’s Reviews

Michael London – Villanova ’74

About the Author

Michael London is the founder and publisher of a universally-heralded travel guide used by professional group tour planners across North America since 1994.

He has been actively involved in serving his community, creating innovative marketing and customer satisfaction improvement initiatives for over two decades.

Inspired by the service-oriented principles of his alma mater, Villanova University, and embodying an entrepreneurial approach to life, London has used and taught “a core values” approach for business and personal success.

He was selected to be the primary trainer for the Saturn Culture and Management program for a critical region of the country in the largest project ever undertaken by General Motors.

And now with Win in Your Life, Michael London has created a work that utilizes the skills and knowledge acquired over a lifetime of service and adventure that distils the principles of winning used by champions.