Book is a Treasure

This book is a treasure. I couldn’t put it down…truly! I was reliving the Final in Houston last year….as well my memories, lessons, relationships, and values since being connected to Villanova as a student, alumnus, Augustinian, and Trustee—all positive!

Using the Villanova Basketball program as the venue for reflection on life is terrific! This book is a treasure of practical wisdom!

The author weaves in tradition, history, quotes from religious, civic and sports leaders, along with his personal stories, to help the reader reflect upon the values in their own life.

One quote from St. Augustine that kept coming to mind which has become a personal mantra for me, is “examine yourself constantly, without guile or flattery, let your present state always leave you dissatisfied if you want to become what you are not yet. For wherever you feel satisfaction there you will stop. Say ‘it is enough’ and you are lost. You must always look for more, walk onward, and make progress.”

— Very Rev. Bernard C. Scianna, O.S.A.,Ph.D.
Prior Provincial of the Augustinians of Chicago, Canada, and Chulucanas, Peru